Super Mario Bros. (Nintendo 1985)

Released in 1985 by Nintendo, Super Mario Bros. is the first of the famous Super Mario series. Super Mario Bros. (Nintendo 1985) was originally released in Japan for computer play. Later that year, it was distributed internationally for the Nintendo Entertainment System. Its predecessor, Mario Bros. (Nintendo 1983) inspired the creation of this game. It was meant to act as the “pseudo-sequel” (

Super Mario Bros. (Nintendo 1985) is a one to two player game. The default character is Mario. In two-player mode, the second player controls Luigi, Mario’s brother. The game falls under the platform game genre. Additionally, the game’s popularity solidified its side-scrolling sub-genre. Users on rate Super Mario Bros. (Nintendo 1985) a 4.21/5.00 overall and a “Just Right” level of difficulty. Additionally, players completed the game in an average of 13.4 hours.

Mario and Luigi jump through various obstacles/platforms to advance and save Princess Toadstool/Peach of the Mushroom Kingdom. There are eight worlds— each of the worlds contains four stages. Mario and Luigi have limited time and lives to pass through each of the graphically 2-D worlds. Mario and Luigi move, jump, duck, climb, and dash. They gain points and power advantages by bopping their heads on mystery bricks, collecting coins, consuming 1-Up or Super mushrooms, getting Super Stars, and finding Fire Flowers. They lose lives when they encounter their enemies under Bowser’s control. They can defend themselves and gain points by bouncing on top of them or bopping the brick the enemy is on. The game is lost when no lives are left. Digital, catchy music plays in the background. Each action and event has its own jingle (e.g. losing a life vs. jumping). The Super Mario Bros. (Nintendo 1985) theme song is one of the most recognized for games in the world.

Super Mario Bros. (Nintendo 1985) is the best selling of the Super Mario series with 40.24 million units sold for the Nintendo Entertainment System release ( Super Mario Bros.’ (Nintendo 1985) gross revenue is 1.584 billion USD, 3.527 billion USD with 2016 inflation (

Earning an array of titles and awards, Super Mario Bros. (Nintendo 1985) is considered one of the best games of all time. It holds fourteenth place in Nintendo’s 1997’s “100 Best Nintendo Games of All Time,” second in Game Informer’s 2009 “The Top 200 Games of All Time,” first in Electronic Gaming Monthly’s “Greatest 200 Games of Their Time,” and first in IGN’s 2014 “Top 125 Nintendo Games of All Time” –to name a few honors. IGN even considers Super Mario Bros. “the most important Nintendo game ever made” (

Its impact has expanded beyond games. Super Mario Bros. (Nintendo 1985) can be found in animated film, animated television, and live-action film. Silver screen exposure exponentially expanded Mario and Luigi’s already massive fan base. Becoming a household name, they are a favorite for Halloween celebrants and cosplayers, regardless of age and gender. A quirkier example of the game’s impact is when a street in Zaragoza, Aragón, Spain was named after the game in 2010 (

Its mass and diverse reach is undeniable. Super Mario Bros. (Nintendo 1985) is known across media platforms, cultures, and generations making this game an icon to classic video gaming.



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