Street Fighter

Street Fighter (Capcom 1987) is one of the original arcade fighting games. While today there are many fighting games, Street Fighter (Capcom 1987) was one of the first of its kind. It established many of the conventions that we see in fighting games today. It is also a great example of a game that has come a long way in terms of game and series progression. It was initially made by Capcom as a typical arcade game in 1987. However, it soon adapted to other game consoles such as the Playstation, the Xbox, the Wii, and more. The game has done so well that there is even a new one coming out in 2017 called “Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers” (Capcom 2017).

The top of the machine states “Street Fighter” in big letters. The artwork is of Ryu (your character) and then other enemies off in the distance. There are some images of Ryu kicking or punching the other characters as well. Lower on the machine is the screen and then the controls. There is an option for one player and for two player. There is a nob that allows you to control where Ryu moves and then there are controls to decide whether you want Ryu to kick, punch, or act out other various attack moves.

After inserting the coin to play the game, you pick your country, and then you are introduced to your character: Ryu. The first battle is with an opponent named Joe. To fight, you use different variations of punching, kicking, and dodging. the goal is like like any other fighting game -try not to get hit and try to hit the opponent – with the added element of a timer of 100 seconds. The faster that you are able to defeat your opponent, the more points you receive. next round: If you win then you are told that you won, but that there are people like you all over the world. Every time you defeat someone, the same message is displayed. For each opponent, you’re in a different part of the world. For example, in round two you’re in Mount Rushmore, and in another round, you’re in front of Mount Kilimanjaro.

Japan was doing extremely well in the 1980s. There was a significant boom in the economy, so consumers were paying very high prices for whatever they bought. The unemployment rate was very low (4.9%) so more people had money to spend. In terms of culture, Japan’s entertainment industry was becoming more well-defined. Anime and manga became more firmly established in Japanese culture. With this came the establishment of Studio Ghibli which is an extremely well-respected animation studio made by Hayao Miyazaki. There were also other games that started being distributed, such as Donkey Kong, Super Mario Bros., and more. Nintendo was more firmly established and proved to be much stronger than the American company Atari in the realm of video games. In terms of politics, Japan went through many prime ministers during this time. Some leaders were good and helped the economy to continue booming, while others were scandal-ridden and were exposed for having sex with a geisha. Despite the instability of Japanese leadership during the 80s, this was still thought of a good time for them economically and politically.

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